September 17, 2020

HOOPP selects Innocap’s
managed account platform

Montréal, September 17, 2020 – Innocap is proud to have been selected by HOOPP, the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, one of the top ten Canadian public pension funds, to offer managed account platform services for its alternative asset investments.

Through deployment on Innocap’s platform, HOOPP is proceeding with its external managers program, complementing its internal trading program and strengthening portfolio diversification. Employing a rigorous selection process, Innocap is actively engaged in the continuous filtering and onboarding of managers that meet HOOPP’s risk management framework while supporting its strategic imperatives of fund growth and investment innovation.

This alliance is a testament to Innocap’s reputation as a premier provider in the managed account space and reflects the benefits of its model for sophisticated institutional investors: an experienced and highly specialized team, a culture of innovation, open architecture technology, a flexible platform customizable to a broad range of asset managers, a robust control environment and global reach. In addition, it further cements Innocap’s position as a key partner in the public and private pension arena, building on its expertise in this segment in Canada, the U.S. and internationally.
Innocap is pleased to support HOOPP as it broadens the scope of its investments and builds on the strategies that have effectively served its members.

HOOPP manages assets of C$94.1 billion (as at December 31, 2019) and serves Ontario’s hospital and community-based healthcare sector. It is a defined benefit plan using a liability driven investing (LDI) approach. In total, HOOPP has more than 381,000 active, deferred and retired members.

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About Innocap

Since 1996, the Innocap Group has offered managed account solutions to a global institutional client base seeking high standards of governance. In addition to its structuring and due diligence expertise during manager selection, the group provides daily supervision of fund operations, customized risk management services and independent governance. Innocap’s model provides investors with in depth data transparency, including a breakdown of their assets, investment strategy compliance and centralized monitoring of service providers. Innocap sets itself apart in the industry through its expertise, flexibility and state-of-the-art technology.

About the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

HOOPP serves Ontario’s hospital and community-based healthcare sector, with more than 590 participating employers. Its membership includes nurses, medical technicians, food services staff, housekeeping staff, and many others who provide valued healthcare services. In total, HOOPP has more than 381,000 active, deferred and retired members.

HOOPP operates as a private independent trust, and is governed by a Board of Trustees with a sole fiduciary duty to deliver the pension promise. The Board has representation from the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and four unions: the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA), the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union (OPSEU), and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).