January 20, 2014
Press release

Press release

Innocap becomes signatory to Hedge Fund Standards Board

HFSB creates a new “platform” class for Innocap

Montréal, January 20, 2014 – Innocap Investment Management Inc. (“Innocap”), a strategic alliance between National Bank of Canada and BNP Paribas, announced today that it has become the first managed account platform to become signatory to the Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB). Always seeking new ways to meet investors’ needs, Innocap welcomes the HFSB’s effort to enhance global industry standards and facilitate investors due diligence. In order to integrate Innocap, HFSB has created a new “platform” class. The Hedge Fund Standards address key issues relating to hedge fund practice, covering such areas as disclosure, valuation, risk management, fund governance and shareholder conduct.

About HFSB

The Hedge Fund Standards Board is a standard-setting body for the hedge fund industry and custodian of the Hedge Fund Standards, which create a framework of transparency, integrity and good governance for the industry, facilitate investor due diligence and complement public policy.

About Innocap

Innocap, which stands for Innovative Capital, is the result of more than a decade of investments primarily in hedge fund strategies with approximately USD $2.52 billion in assets under advisory as of January 24th, 2014. Innocap Investment Management Inc. acts as the Investment Manager for the Canadian limited partnership structure and as Investment Advisor to Innocap Global Investment Management Ltd, a Maltese company, which manages umbrella investment companies with variable capital and with segregated liability between funds incorporated with limited liability in Ireland and Malta. With its open architecture and thorough knowledge of managed accounts, Innocap offers flexibility to its clients through multi-jurisdictional and multi-administrative structures. Characterized by its specialized legal knowledge and its operational and risk management skills, Innocap facilitates institutional investment decisions via an enhanced investment framework. This managed account infrastructure provides investors with pre- and post-investment monitoring of different risks. For more information, visit Innocap’s website at www.innocap.com.


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